Ancestors of Betty Mae Horrace

Welcome to the Horrace Ancestry Website.   Many hours of work have been put into the research and documentation of these ancestors. 

Last Updated 2015


Update:  The Good News is that we are descended from Kings and Queens.  The Kings and Queens are French, English and Italian.    For the longest time, I thought we were English, Irish, and Scottish, but now I find that we are also German, French and Italian.

Table of Contents

| Complete Genealogy of Betty Mae Horrace

| Pedigree Chart of Betty Mae Horrace

| Descendants of Walter Cromwell and Roger Williams

| From The Pope to Roger Williams 

| The Story of George Washington Horrace - Introduction

| The Story of George Washington Horrace - Short Version

| The Story of George Washington Horrace - Long Version

| The Story of John Horrace's Children

| Matthew Caldwell Journal  

My Beloved Sunny Slope